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Women who value their own self worth do these 5 things in their relationships

I am one very lucky girl to be part of a family that is full of indestructible, headstrong women and I am so blessed to be related to them but to have them as my role models is even more of a bonus!

Over the years, having witnessed some of this authentic solidity in the flesh. I've absorbed all these incredible things, that women who value their own self worth, do in relationships.


1. They prioritise their own needs

Strong women listen to their bodies!

  • Sometimes, we can put our bodies out of our comfort zones. Whilst taking a journey away from your comfort zone is somewhat beneficial, not being aware of your bodies limits can be harmful. If you are not comfortable doing something, or feel it will come at an expense, then listen to what your body and mind is telling you. Nobody knows you better than you know yourself. Prioritising your own needs is not selfish, and the worst thing that can come of it is you will lose the people that are not meant for you, a true blessing in disguise!

Strong women are extremely self aware!

  • They evaluate what a situation is making them feel, they act accordingly with necessary actions and appropriate decision making. The importance of taking care of their mind, body and soul is on top of their daily “to-do” list and to them - there is nothing anybody could say to make them compromise their emotional well-being, alone time, and physical health.

2.They set healthy boundaries

Set limits and stick to them

  • Setting limits and boundaries is a sure-fire and effective way of not "beating around the bush". It lets people know that you know yourself and it shows people what you expect from them. It doesn't have to be anything intimidating - start small, like not apologising to anyone for expressing your feelings or being verbal with people when they act a certain way with you that you do not appreciate. It’s called self respect.

Be direct

  • Don't be afraid of upsetting people, if it is at the expense of your own happiness or sanity. You are in control of your own life, so lay your cards on the table with friends, colleagues, romantic partners and be direct, let them know you mean what you say and you will only do things on your own accord. The genuine people in your life will respect your boundaries and will not over step them.

  • Boundaries set the tone for every single relationship you have in your life. And remember, empathy without boundaries is self destruction!

3.They realise and accept why something fell apart if it wasn't right

They do not dwell on situations that are out of their control

It is a fact of life that s**t happens, and that when it does happen, it most likely is beyond your control. Strong women understand that life cannot be planned, and they are far happier living with this realisation! They understand you may sometimes need to apply the "it is what it is" mindset and just trust in the process of healing. (I am just editing this post, and I’m SO annoyed that Sherif from Love Island stole my phrase before I had edited this blog!)

They keep their life moving and let go of negative vibes

Sometimes, when bad things happen - there are a lot of negative vibes that come attached, natch. But, a woman that understands herself recognises that breeding bad vibes is the ultimate no-go, no matter how hurt, or upset they are. Moving on with their lives is the most beneficial thing to do for every one involved, and that cutting the ties with negative vibes is an important part of self care.

They recognise the new exciting opportunities ahead of them

When you've hit that brick wall in life, as we all do, it can be hard to see over that wall. (Especially hard for me, as I’m 5”1). However, when a woman knows what she deserves in life, she sees beyond the bad and can look to the future with a hope that the good emotions she once experienced can make an appearance again in much greater capacities.

4. They trust themselves, their own decisions and actions

They know what they want and do not want

When a woman knows what she wants she will strive for it. This means if anyone tries to stand in her way, anyone tries to tell her she can't, she will ignore and show them she can. A strong woman knows what she doesn't want and if she so much gets a sniff of a bad attitude, a red flag, or a hint of disrespect, she will leave with no apology made and she won’t feel obliged to offer an explanation.

They feel no need to tell the world of their greatness

Why is this, you ask? Well, a woman who knows her self-worth is already aware of her greatness. She does not feel the need to seek validation from invalid people, she does not see the purpose in being egotistical, as she understands that an ego forms from the depths of her own insecurities, and realises that once an ego is over-inflated - that it becomes an issue to maintain relationships, friendships and the pairing with herself. Remember, confidence is silent, insecurities are loud.

They are humble

In her own successes, women who are loving towards themselves, know that remaining humble goes hand in hand with being successful.

5. They do not stay in bad relationships

They do not accept "half love"

A woman who loves herself expects all the love in the world from her partner, but also understands that this level of love is a two-way-street. She is strong enough to provide love and care, but still expects the same back. She will not be accepting of being "half loved" because she knows that she is worth more.

They forgive themselves more than just once

As humans, we all sometimes put ourselves through things, in hindsight, that are deemed unnecessary. Often, we beat ourselves up about the things we should've done or said, and remain angry at ourselves for not realising the outcome before the damage was already done, before it was then too late. It is important for us to allow ourselves to make mistakes, and to forgive ourselves, time after time, because this is how self-peace unfolds within us and allows us to climb the ladder of life with a new lesson learnt.

They do not let words override actions.

It actually disgusts me how many greedy males there are out in the world. Strong women do not STAY in bad relationships!! They just don’t. They don’t let words override actions, if someone’s telling you something, telling you they're sorry but in reality they’re only sorry for them self and follow up with no actions, then move on sis. Do yourself a favour and leave the door wide open for a decent person to come through.

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