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How to Live a Simple Life

I find it quite difficult to understand people who complicate the simple things in life. When I have spoken to people in the past, and the conversation was running as deep as the pacific ocean I always notice they complicate things, so I put together a guide on how to live a simple life.

Eliminate all of life's negativity

I say this all the time but I don't mean just cutting off friends who treat you bad or family members who always mock your ripped jeans. (Yes Nan, I'm talking to you).

Eliminating negativity can come from any scenario in your life. For example, the negative emotions in my brain in terms of how my outfit turned out or how my make up looked, I just got rid and laugh and work it anyway.

Change your mindset

I went out for dinner with my grandparents and my Mum last night and after listening to them rant on and on about Brexit and their problems, I just had had enough.

I got tired of listening to it, so I just told them that whatever they weren't happy about was out of their control now. And like, if something was bothering them in work, and to then bring it out of work it is letting something that has already happened and therefore cannot be changed affect them in their outside leisurely life. Now, that's not being logical, never mind not being positive.

I think we all could learn from the fact there is a lot in our lives that cannot be changed and therefore we have to learn to accept. Sometimes these things that have happened can be traumatic but if we let it develop or persona and be stronger as a person then the control is still all ours.

We cannot change what has already happened but we can change the way we let it affect us as people and our lives, and the way we treat others.

Listen to music that makes you feel good about life

I think a lot of people under estimate the power of music. It has been a god send in some very tough occasions for me and I'm sure it has for a lot of other people as well. Put together a feel good playlist, or even a few for different moods and feelings.

Channel the emotions you are feeling, listen to some really good songs with great, meaningful lyrics and upbeat riffs and you will realise whatever you're going through is totally normal and maybe even the artist you're listening to through your headphones have been through the exact same thing as you.

Have a few close friends

Don't go over complicating s**t by having a s**t load of friends.

If you're fresh out of school, or still in school you're probably noticing that you're still in quite a big "friendship" group but how many times can you recall people bitching about each other or bitching about you? 

Just acknowledge those people who are actually there for you and have your back unconditionally, and make sure it is a two way street. Reflect on the people in your life at the moment and if you can't honestly put your hands up and say: "Yes, this person is always there in my times of need, checks up on me every now and then, wants to hang out with me, and doesn't try to cause me unnecessary drama"... then do yourself a favour and get rid.

Meditate and become mindful

Meditation isn't necessarily sitting in a field with crossed legs. Meditation is just becoming aware and mindful of your surroundings, the skin you're in.

Focusing on your breathing and occasionally letting your mind wander into it's own thoughts is okay, but becoming mindful that your thoughts are not necessarily true just because that's what's going through your brain is the whole point of meditating and being mindful.

It practices being present in the day, in your life and leads to becoming more calm and therefore leaving the tendency behind to over-complicate or overthink.

Be grateful for what you have!

There is nothing that complicates life more than wishing you had this, wishing you had that.

By this I mean, materialistic things, like a Chanel bag or the new iPhone. I mean, having goals is important in life.

But just taking a moment to appreciate the people and things you do have in life is a step forward in the right direction. Sometimes, I look at my parents and as much as they drive me insane at times, I can't imagine living or wanting a different life with a different set of people in my life. Sure, friends can come and go but at the moment I feel like the friends I have now are the people who are going to be around when I've got my first house, my first born and maybe even Godparents (if they learn to control their bad behaviour!).

Acknowledging your happiness or even your sadness is a good thing, and the hardest thing is trying to shine a positive light on a negative event but that will make you such a strong person and will develop your life skills which in years to come will be the example you set to your children.

Just smile!

The most simple thing a human being can do to make the world a better place for a few seconds is just to smile!

Smiling is actually psychological and tricks your brain into thinking you're happy, when perhaps you may not be at the time. I always smile whilst I'm talking on the phone at work to clients, it makes a person seem much more clear and enthusiastic and you start to believe that is so, after a few practices doing so!

Do no harm, but take no shit!

As long as you are not hurting anybody, you can do whatever the f**k you want.

Go crazy and drink s**t loads of tequila, just don't get angry and pull a girls hair.

If a person is clearly playing games, get rid!

Don't beat around the bush and complicate life, just make the change.

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