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First time trying hair extensions! Lullabellz Review

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

I’ve always had long hair so I never really thought about getting extensions.

Still, I’ve had a fear of having short hair from the time my Mum decided to treat me to a salon visit as she would always do DIY hair cuts for both my brother and I. So, I was about 12, and I got a bob. I went home and I threw a full blown tantrum, (yes I’m a recovering drama queen) and I was actually scared to let people see me.

We‘ve all been there, right?

So I kept seeing Lullabellz on Instagram and I’ve always wanted to try extensions, so I finally bit the bullet and bought a set.

I was looking at getting some for a while but like, I kept chickening out because I wasn’t sure what shade I was so I was pretty stupid and just completely winged it (as I do with most of my important life decisions).

I went for the ”Golden Blonde” shade and got the 5 piece clip in set, in straight. I was going to opt for the curly ones but I always think the curly ones get matted quicker? So that’s my reasoning behind the straight clip ins.

Honestly, they blended in so well with my current hair colour which I was actually SO surprised about because I totally ordered them without having a hair matching consultation, (which you can do via email with Lullabellz) so when I clipped them in I was shocked.

They honestly were no hassle to clip in, (even with acrylics on, they were sooo easy to do) and the hair is so soft and silky!

Lullabellz actually messaged me directly and thanked me for purchasing the extensions, which I thought was a super nice touch and a brownie point for customer service! I would highly recommend Lullabellz, and I am definitely going to be purchasing some other styles from them very soon!

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